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1. Introduction

1.1 About RWAMREC

Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre (RWAMREC) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to achieving gender equality by promoting positive masculinities and engaging men in preventing gender-based violence in Rwanda. RWAMREC focuses on four main areas: Community Empowerment, Building Healthy Families, Promotion of Gender Justice, and Youth Mentorship, operating in 24 districts across Rwanda.

1.2 Background

Access to Finance Rwanda (AFR) highlights that women-owned and run micro and small enterprises (MSEs) are vital for women's economic empowerment globally. In Rwanda, women own 56% of MSEs, primarily in the informal sector, which creates numerous jobs in urban and rural areas (NISR, Establishment Census, 2020). Despite Rwanda's progress in providing basic financial services, women entrepreneurs face obstacles due to traditional norms restricting their financial decision-making, access to property and technology, and overall mobility. This results in lower business knowledge, inadequate financial services, and limited access to digital financial services and financial literacy.

1.3 Justification

RWAMREC, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation as part of the Kataza program, is launching a 3-year pilot project with BRD, AMIR, AMI, I&M Bank, and MVEND to support value chains in Agriculture and Tourism and Hospitality MSMEs. RWAMREC's role is to challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes, fostering an environment where women can actively participate in financial decision-making and entrepreneurship. The project includes gender transformative sessions for women entrepreneurs, their partners, growth guides, village agents, local leaders, and financial services providers.

To bridge gender gaps in financial services, RWAMREC will conduct a gender audit led by AMIR. This audit will assess gender mainstreaming in policies, strategies, practices, processes, systems, procedures, staffing, culture, and resources within financial institutions. The findings will inform strategies for implementing necessary changes, such as gender transformative training and promoting gender equality.

RWAMREC seeks a qualified consultancy firm or individual consultants to conduct this gender audit in 14 financial services providers, aiming to increase access to tailored and innovative finance for women- and youth-owned MSEs in the agriculture, tourism, and hospitality sectors.

1.4 Overall Objective

The primary objective is to analyze and assess the institutionalization of gender equality within AMI, AMIR, and its 12 SACCOs, examining their policies, programs, projects, services, structures, proceedings, and budgets. The consultant will identify strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and areas for improvement in the organizations' approach to gender equality. The findings will inform strategies to enhance gender mainstreaming efforts and promote greater gender equality within these organizations.

Tasks of the Consultants

The consultant shall:

  • Review organizational documents related to Gender Policies and Gender.

  • Conduct interviews and consultations with key stakeholders, including staff members, management, and beneficiaries, to assess the implementation of gender equality initiatives.

  • Assess the integration of gender considerations in program design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

  • Evaluate the understanding of gender equality in selected financial institutions at both strategic and operational levels.

  • Identify best practices and successful strategies for promoting gender equality within the organizations.

  • Assess the contribution of audited financial institutions in reducing gender and loan gaps, particularly examining the nature of loans provided to women.

  • Recommend actions to address identified gaps.

  • Deliver a final report with an action plan.


  • Inception report detailing the methodology and work plan.

  • Preliminary report on AMIR and its 10 microfinance institutions.

  • Reports on other institutions as per the contract.

  • A list of audited institutions and their management staff.

  • Draft report with recommendations and an action plan.

  • Final assignment report and a presentation on lessons learned and recommendations for enhancing gender equality institutionalization.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • A Master's degree in Gender Studies or related fields with at least 10 years of research and gender analysis experience for the team leader (5 years for team members).

  • Knowledge and experience in integrating Gender and Social Inclusion into ASF and livestock-based businesses.

  • Understanding of strategies to promote gender equality in business settings through non-violent identity reconstruction and positive masculine behaviors.

  • Familiarity with awareness campaigns and capacity building on men’s empowerment as supportive partners and change agents.

  • Excellent communication skills in English and Kinyarwanda, both oral and written.

Evaluation Criteria





Work Plan


Qualification and Skills


Financial Proposal





The assignment will be completed within 45 working days from the signing of the contract.

Submission Procedure

The email title must include “Provision of consultancy services to conduct gender audit in financial services providers.”

Submit the following documents by 24th June 2024, 4:00 pm local time:

  • A comprehensive technical proposal in PDF format with:

  • A brief description of suitability for the assignment.

  • A detailed methodology and execution roadmap.

  • Cover letter.

  • Resume with professional references.

  • Financial proposal.

  • Examples of previous work.

  • For Consultancy Firms, include:

  • Company’s registration documents.

  • CVs of proposed team members with roles, qualifications, experience, contact details, and professional references.

  • Financial proposal.

  • Examples of previous work.

Applications should be addressed to the RWAMREC Executive Director at YYUSSA PLAZA Kimironko, Tel: +250 788315140, Email: Late submissions will not be accepted.

Done at Kigali, On June 10th, 2024

RUTAYISIRE FideleExecutive Director of

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