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The Rwanda Men's Resource Centre (RWAMREC) is a Rwandan organization promoting gender equality through men's engagement as supportive partners, fathers, and agents of change. At RWAMREC we promote positive masculinities and femininities and fight any form of gender-based violence (GBV). 


A peaceful society where women and men share roles and

responsibilities in raising families and governing society through

equality and respect.


To promote gender equality by transforming masculinities and femininities through awareness creation, advocacy, capacity development, movement building, and service delivery.

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In 2006, a visionary group of Rwandan men founded RWAMREC, recognizing that men's resistance was a major barrier to gender equality. Realizing this system harmed women, children, and men alike, they chose to lead by example. Committed to promoting positive masculinities and addressing power dynamics, they sparked vital conversations in Rwanda and beyond. Believing that "when one of us is not free, none of us is free," they continue to inspire a movement towards a just and equitable society.

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All women and childrens have to right to live in safety and dignity. RWAMREC is committed to promoting positive forms of masculinities, engaging men as supportive partners to create enviroments where all women and children feel safe.


RWAMREC will work in consultation, collaboration and partnership, seeking inputs and sharing information to develop strategic and actions to advocate for and work toward ending violence agaist women and children.


We are committed helping people reach their full potential by providing them with tools, resources and support.

Systemic change

RWAMREC will work toward creating social system and institutions that are rooted in equality. Systemic change enacts changes beyond individuals, individual organizations, single problems and single solutions. 


The root causes of violence agaisnt women and children are societal, and the solution lie in the changing values, attitudes, behaviours, structures and system to achieve gender equality. RWAMREC will advocate for equity and social justice in an effort to adress and eliminates barriers to inclusion.

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