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Rwanda Men’s Resource Centre conducts mass sensitization and education programs, media campaigns and public lectures, mentoring programs, etc to engage men and youth in Gender-based violence (GBV) prevention, positive masculinity, positive cultural norms and values associated with life skills and orientation in their daily interaction with women counterparts.


Campus dialogues and Schools outreach programs against GBV will be implemented in order to involve as many youth population as possible. Special sessions with focus on techniques that encourage men to confront the peer’s attitudes about sex and violence will be organized for men by men within and outside schools.


By advocacy, Rwamrec involves policy makers, parliamentarians, NGOs, Government and other Stakeholders through, lobbying, mobilizing and building alliances and networks with them so that they put in place proactive gender sensitive policies and strategies that address gender issues by their root causes.

Our strategies

Mass mobilization and sensitization campaigns to engage men to adopt positive masculine behaviors to effectively prevent gender-based violence.

Research on perceptions and practices on masculinity and GBV in Rwanda.

Capacity building to mainstream men engagement in gender promotion and GBV prevention programs, provide training and material resources for implementing menengage initiatives through gendered programs.

Advocacy strategies through public event as well as building alliances with policy makers, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders for purposes of putting in place proactive policies and strategies that address gender issues by their root cause.

Dialogues and school mentorship programs in order to involve as many young women and men in GBV prevention throughout Rwanda.

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