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Regina Umutesi

Advisor & Board Member

Reginah Mutesi, serving as an advisory board member for RWAMREC since 2019, is a committed feminist and women's activist with a strong emphasis on women's financial inclusion. Her passion for gender equality and empowerment has been the driving force behind her advocacy work.

Currently employed as a senior accountant at the University of Rwanda, Reginah brings her financial expertise to bear in support of women's rights initiatives. With a Master's degree in Business Administration, she possesses a solid foundation in management and finance, which she leverages to advance the cause of women's economic empowerment.

Reginah's dedication to fostering financial inclusion for women is evident in both her professional endeavors and her activism within the community. Through her multifaceted approach, she continues to make significant contributions to the advancement of gender equality and the empowerment of women in Rwanda.

Regina Umutesi
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