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Leon Kayigi

Advisor & Board Member

Kayogo Kajuga Leon, currently a member of the RWAMREC Board, is a multifaceted professional with diverse expertise.

With a specialization in Business Law, particularly Corporate Law, Kayigi Kajuga Leon is a distinguished Business Lawyer. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Law from the University of Rwanda (UR) and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Université Libre de Kigali (ULK). Additionally, he possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Institute of Legal Practice Development (ILPD) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Purchasing Management (Public and Private Procurement) from the MsM-RIAM partnership.

Currently serving as the Business Facilitation Division Manager in the Office of the Registrar General/RDB, Kayigi has held various key positions within RDB, including roles such as Legal Division Manager and Strategic Investment Legal Analyst. His extensive professional journey also includes stints in several Government institutions, such as MINECOFIN Project, where he served as a Procurement Specialist, and at the Office of the Ombudsman as a Legal Adviser in the Department responsible for combating corruption.

In addition to his expertise in Business Law, Kayigi Kajuga Leon is deeply engaged in Human Rights advocacy and is a proficient talk-show presenter. Drawing upon his legal background and vast experience in Rwanda's domestic laws, he actively promotes gender equality, democratic values, and principles for good governance. Kayigi is adept at conducting corruption investigations and possesses advanced skills in drafting and amending various domestic laws. He is also recognized as an expert trainer, delivering insightful analyses of laws for the benefit of both public and private institutions, while providing valuable legal advice for appropriate corrective measures.

Leon Kayigi
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