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Alexis Semitari

Advisor & Board Member

Semitari Alexis is an experienced Rwandan Governance Specialist, boasting over fourteen years of expertise in public administration. His focus lies in the efficient implementation of government policies, with a specialization in monitoring and decentralization, particularly within local government structures. Beyond his technical prowess in administrative decentralization, Semitari possesses a robust background in policy reforms, emphasizing the vital role of local politics and leaders in fostering community development.

As a highly motivated leader, Semitari demonstrates exceptional coordination skills, coupled with a proactive and organized approach to his work. He is culturally sensitive, accountable, and exhibits enthusiasm for his profession. Throughout his career, Semitari has held pivotal roles in driving decentralization initiatives. He served as the Executive Secretary of Mageragere Sector, now Rwezamenyo, for four years, followed by a tenure of five years in Nyarugenge Sector within Nyarugenge District, where he dedicated nearly a decade of service.

During his time in Nyarugenge District, Semitari effectively coordinated sector management activities, fostering strong working relationships with senior leaders and managers at both central and local government levels. He liaised with authorities from the City of Kigali, district administrations, sector councils, civil society organizations, and the private sector. Semitari played a pivotal role in communicating recommendations and addressing issues pertinent to the City of Kigali's development, collaborating with stakeholders to devise suitable solutions.

Alexis Semitari
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