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Marie Odette Kansanga

M&E, Learning & Impact Manager

Marie Odette Kansanga Ndahiro has been a certified professional accountant since 2007 (ACCA/CAT). With 17 years of experience, she adeptly combines IPSAS standardized finances and operations management. Her expertise encompasses leadership and advisory roles in office management and operations, including strategic planning, budgeting, financial and human resources management, procurement, logistical services, and ICT, among others.

Marie Odette is also a Gender expert, holding a Master of Social Sciences in Gender and Development acquired in 2012. She has been a passionate advocate for gender equality and equity since her teenage years and has served as a Professional Gender Trainer for the past 12 years. Furthermore, she holds credentials in Gender Research, Policy Analysis, and briefs, with extensive experience in gender monitoring and evaluation.

In addition to her focus on gender equality, Marie Odette is actively involved in promoting positive masculinity and male alliance alongside women's empowerment initiatives. She is well-versed in global best practices, having conducted research in Rwanda, the Great Lakes of Africa (ICGLR), EAC, Africa, and Oceania (Australia). Her leadership in gender research extends to universities, international organizations, and diplomatic, and multilateral bodies across the United States, Europe, and Africa.


Marie Odette Kansanga
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