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Laura Gotti

Communication officer

Laura majored in International Development, Protection of Human Rights, and Intercultural Heritage Cum Laude at the University of Bologna.

During her studies, she spent one semester at the University of Belgrade in Serbia to deepen the migration topic and analyse the differences between the Western Balkan and the Mediterranean routes.

Before COVID-19, she worked as a Head of Mission Assistant at the Italian Embassy of Malta. Between 2021 and 2022, she worked as a project officer at MLFM for a project on women's empowerment and access to education. Meanwhile, she achieved qualifications in project design and management, budget development, accounting, reporting, risk management, MEAL, and gender approach to international cooperation through a one-year course organized by the Torino School of Management.

She has extensive experiences working with associations of People with Disabilities (PWD), refugees, and disadvantaged youth. She also has experience in environmental protection and indigenous people's rights.


Laura Gotti
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