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Immaculee Mukankaka

Field officer - GEWEP

MUKANKAKA is a Field officer of the Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Project (GEWEP) at RWAMREC where she has worked since January 2015. She is in charge of Nyanza and Ruhango Districts Districts in Southern Province. Her work focuses on promoting positive masculinities, preventing all forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV), and engaging men as allies in women’s economic empowerment. Before joining RWAMREC, she supported research initiatives across organizations and government institutions where she utilized qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate the health status of the Rwandan population.

Immaculee was a board member for 4 years of PROFEMME TWESE HAMWE which is an Umbrella of civil society organizations. She is also the Chair of the conflict resolution committee in CLADHO, an umbrella of civil society organization. Immaculee holds a Bachelor’s degree in Demography from Universite Libre de Kigali (ULK).


Immaculee Mukankaka
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