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Farida Ingabire

Field coordinator - Kataza

Ingabire, a dedicated and versatile research professional, brings a wealth of experience in qualitative data collection, and analysis, across various sectors. With a bachelor's degree in business administration from Zanzibar University, Ingabire possesses a solid foundation in research methodologies and project management. Driven by a passion for effecting evidence-based change, Ingabire approaches each project with a focus on delivering actionable insights and facilitating meaningful outcomes. Their track record of engagement in projects aimed at societal improvement underscores their status as an output-driven professional, dedicated to leveraging societal involvement for positive transformation.

Ingabire possesses a comprehensive understanding of enhancing labor dynamics and social welfare systems, demonstrated through extensive engagement in projects aimed at promoting decent work and addressing societal inequalities. Through various research initiatives, including the Decent Work Assessment, meet the NEET girls and the Impact assessment for reducing and redistributing unpaid care work burden for women.

Ingabire is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to engage with society through participatory action approaches. By actively involving stakeholders in the research and implementation process, she aims to foster inclusive dialogue, empower communities, and co-create solutions that address their needs and aspirations. Embracing collaborative methodologies such as participatory action research, she is committed to facilitating meaningful engagement, amplifying diverse voices, and catalyzing positive change at the grassroots level. I believe that by working hand-in-hand with communities, we can unlock collective wisdom, drive sustainable development, and build a more equitable and resilient society. She looks forward to embarking on this journey of co-creation and collective action, leveraging the power of collaboration to make a tangible difference in people's lives.


Farida Ingabire
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