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Ange Silas Niyibizi

Field officer - GEWEP

Ange Silas is a Field Officer working with RWAMREC since 2012, he is a Gender and Women Empowerment specialist focusing on engaging Men and Boys in the promotion of gender equality through a transformative approach.Ange Silas is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Public health and worked in community health before joining the Gender component within Care International in Rwanda. He is one of the RWAMREC team and Care International worked on the baseline of JOT (Journey of Transformation) to be a module used to train couples on sharing equal power.Ange Silas has extensive experience in the area of training on Engaging Men and Boys to promote Gender equality for GBV prevention.He obtained certificates of completion in Gender and Men Engage approach, Social Analysis, and Action to challenge social and cultural norms within the community.Ange Silas is a self-driven person who is highly committed to preventing Gender-based Violence.


Ange Silas Niyibizi
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