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Ange Gaju Umutoni

Communication officer

Ange Gaju brings a rich background in mass communications, journalism, editing, and multidisciplinary artistry to her role. With a Bachelor's degree with honors in Mass Communication, Ange infuses her projects with depth and creativity.

She holds professional certifications in Project management, Integrating the child's rights approach, Gender concepts and International Frameworks for gender equality, Men engagement in violence prevention, Gender Equality and Positive masculinity, RCCE, digital marketing, and SEO, enhancing her work with strategic acumen, and technical proficiency. Fluent in both English and French, Ange navigates global landscapes with ease.

Ange's dedication to advocacy is evident in her collaborations with local and international organizations in Rwanda and abroad, including significant contributions in France. These experiences underscore her firsthand appreciation of advocacy's transformative potential.

As a committed feminist, Ange is deeply engaged in youth empowerment and gender equality advocacy, infusing her work with passion and purpose.

Ange Gaju Umutoni
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