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Engaging men to prevent GBV

RWAMREC collaborated with local coffee cooperatives in Rwanda, conducting trainings on gender-based violence prevention. This initiative aimed to educate both men and women, fostering awareness while enhancing coffee production and incomes. Post-training, there was noted male engagement in questioning gender-based violence, reduced cases, and improved gender equity, albeit lacking formal data backing.

In Rwanda, the Rwandan Men’s Resource Center (RWAMREC) worked with three local coffee cooperatives to conduct gender-based violence prevention trainings. The trainings served a dual purpose: when men and women worked alongside each other through the cooperatives they were educated on how to prevent gender-based violence and promote healthy families while also increasing coffee production and related incomes. Following the trainings, there was a reported increase in the questioning of gender-based violence by men, as well as a decrease in the number of gender-based violence cases and more equitable division of labor. Results in Rwanda are informal and not backed up by a control group nor systematized pre- and post-test results.

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