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Venant Nzabonimana

Chair person

Venant Nzabonimana holds a Bachelor's degree in Education Sciences from the University of Rwanda (Université Nationale du Rwanda). He has undergone extensive training in specific program management areas such as program planning, monitoring, and evaluation; project management; results-based management; civil society participation in poverty reduction strategies development; planning and facilitation of training sessions; gender; sexual and gender-based violence; and gender mainstreaming in value chains, among others. With a strong expertise in these areas, he has excelled as a trainer.

Having served as a capacity-building officer for six years and conducting capacity-building activities for 19 years, Venant has accumulated significant experience in program management. His focus areas include accountable governance, policy analysis and advocacy, secure livelihoods, value chain development, and gender mainstreaming in both Rwanda and Burundi. Venant is well-versed in the social, political, and economic context of both countries, where he has worked for over two decades.

Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English, and French, Venant has collaborated with 15 civil society organizations in Rwanda and three major organizations in Burundi to enhance accountable governance, promote citizen participation and mobilization for development delivery, strengthen public accountability, and improve service delivery over seven years. He has played a pivotal role in defining communication and information policies for these organizations, enabling them to carry out studies on citizen participation in performance contracts and the budget process. These findings have facilitated lobbying efforts to encourage greater citizen participation and accountability from concerned government ministries.

For 13 years, Venant has also contributed to building partners' capacity in coordinating and monitoring programs funded by various donors. With extensive experience in training professionals since 1993, he is a certified trainer and has provided training in program/project management, partnership management, and managing change.

Venant Nzabonimana
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