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Board of directors


Venant Nzabonimana

the RWAMREC Chair,
E-mail address :

Venant Nzabonimana has a Bachelor degree in Education sciences from the University of Rwanda (Université Nationale du Rwanda). He followed a wide range of specific programme management related training (Programme planning, monitoring, and evaluation ; project management ; results based management ; civil society participation in poverty reduction strategies development ; Planning and facilitation of training sessions, gender ; Sexual and gender based violence ; gender mainstreaming in value chains ; policy analysis and advocacy, but to mention a few. He is a good trainer in the above thematic. He held the position of capacity building officer for six years and has been performing the capacity building activities for 19 years already. He has a strong experience in programme management with focus on Accountable governance ; policy analysis and advocacy ; secure livelihoods, value chain development and gender mainstreaming, in Rwanda and Burundi (Mr Venant knows very well the social, political and economic context of Rwanda and Burundi where he worked for over two decades in the programme management sector.

He is fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and French. Mr Venant Nzabonimana worked with 15 civil society organizations in Rwanda and 3 major organizations in Burundi in enhancing accountable governance in Rwanda, promoting citizen participation and mobilization for delivery of development, strengthening public accountability and improving service delivery (Seven years). He supported the above organizations in defining their communication and information policies. With his support, the Rwanda civil society and CLADHO could carry out studies on citizen participation in the performance contracts between the mayors and the President of the Republic-Imihigo and civil society participation in the budget process, respectively. The findings allowed lobbying and influence the government concerned ministries (MINALOC and MINECOFIN) for more citizen participation and accountability. He built the partners' capacity in coordinating and monitoring programmes funded by different donors (13 years). Mr Venant Nzabonimana is a trainer for having been trained in training of trainers and for a long practical experience in training professionals since 1993 up to now. He trained projects managers and officers in programme/project management (PME) ; partnership management and managing change .

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