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Rwanda Men’s Resource Center (RWAMREC) has supported the district of Karongi to organize an advocacy meeting which gathered over 30 participants from different organs including government institutions and other CSO’s working on GBV and teen pregnancy prevention, Child Protection and promotion of human rights.

This activity was organized on March 12th 2020 through the forum called Karongi Anti-GBV Network which is being chaired by RWAMREC, one year ago.

The meeting attendants include security organs and other members of CSOs who appreciated RWAMREC’s financial and moral support to the activities of the Forum.

The meeting was fruitful and each institution had an opportunity to present its achievements in responding to GBV cases, and protecting children against violence.

This meeting is organized at annually basis with aim of discussing and sharing on status about GBV and the role of each partner organization in ending GBV.

RWAMREC also took advantage on the meeting to share achievements over the last 4 years of intervention in Karongi through Prevention+ Project aimed at preventing GBV at institutional and at community levels.

On this occasion, participants appreciated institutionalization approach which is being implemented by RWAMREC and for many participants, this approach will help sustain project achievements.